Friday, 27 March 2015


Today i ate, made lesson plans, typed, drew, taught creative writing,  listened to music,
And made a unicorn: )
Its very sqare and looks a bit like a dinosaur

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

1970s nyc disco

The big canvas that i hurt a rib painting, when i jumped over it and fell off the bed spilling green paint water like blood
I dont like the floor
It looks scuwiff

But I think it's finally done

Monday, 16 March 2015

future phone drawings, a recycled trojan unicorn and mouse in glasses

This is my monday
I found out how to draw straight on to my future phone. 
At the time of finding out this skill, I was watching a documentary on the top 10 pychocopaths in films and how to profile pychopaths, it featured clockwork orange, norman bates, blade runner and michael douglas, I think i drew some pychopaths

After drawing on my future phone
 I made a unicorn out of shoe boxes, plastic bottles and masking tape, its gonna be for my mates 30th magical unicorn party,
Its gonna get well paper mache d (mashade) and glittered up

 This morning i tried to draw don cornelious

I painted a bit more of the canvas

 Mouse as harry potter/ david hockney

Mouse the giant zombie eyed white beast attacking winterfell

Monday, 2 March 2015

My mate asked me to do him a new york loft party disco painting over a year ago,i had loads of accidents and injuries and was a bit scared of a big canvas, but i finally got a big canvas and after 2 hours with a pen did this, in a few days it will be coloured and i think it will look class.

Tomorrow is ' if pets had thumbs day'

Imagine the possibilities of dogs flying kites, cats wiring circuits, gerbils flushing, poodles breadcrumbing fish, lizards playing call of duty, birds applying mascara, chickens eating burgers and chips using cutlery, pets letting themselves in with their own set of keys, rabbits racing remote controlled cars in the park, hamsters combing their hair and snakes pinching you every time they see a mini car,

Just imagine i think

Or help a dog out and let them in

As if they had their own thumbs and could use a handle

Sunday, 1 March 2015

 Rolling stones
emerald day : )
I think i need to add a 'd' for the past tense grammar, i will rectify

nice colours to eat _ my luxury rabbit packed lunch 
 i am.not becoming a smartphone dick taking pictures of my food and cats. 
I am just enjoying my future phone for a bit, today i skyped my mum whilst on a moped,  like james bond


 this caterpillar was as big as my hand and really green