Saturday, 28 February 2015

terror adaptor

 Saturday afternoon, it was well hot outside, so sat inside with the aircon defeating boredom with paint and power maths

Fox face plant that i saw, liked and bought, had to balance it with pasta

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Part 2: apple mafia
The orange secretarys
An army of personal assistances on crutches

Monday, 23 February 2015

beginnings of pictures and litter tray actual madness

 Mob of deers and the impossible sudoku man

 New canvas just started this evening, about the beach in cambodia& the wolves taking part in the quiz

My unplanned turtle collection got two new turtles courtesy of my mates sally and the rutter

 My shell collection also got bigger, i think im becoming a crazy collector,
 apparently theres an actual chemical in cat poo that makes you crazy so i blame the cats bowels
I got future phone happy and took crazy cat woman pictures of them sleeping, its the poo chems getting in my head.

remora-morning reading for my p1 class

 Every morning we do 15 minutes of reading, we all like animals, so each week we do a different animal . this week it was my turn to create the non fiction information pack. I chose remora fish. i did these slides quickly in an hour. They stole the work scanner so i used my future phone to take pictures of my drawings then gimped it up.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

using my future phone to add pictures from sinhoukville

if you ever go here, dont go by bus from Bangkok,even if you are scared of flying,  get a flight, we paid less money, but more in time and patience, also your neck will hurt and you will be very hot and confused.
i also liked a bar called Blame Canada, they were good people.

Big Art attack on the beach,its a man with a jellyfish hat and a mosquito whispering tiny insults into his ear 

 Teenage chicks,
i have only ever seen baby yellow chicks or full grown chickens, never this middle stage

Gecko in the toilet, this was the day i battled my fear of cold showers and washed my hair. Hi 5 : )

 Monkey chained up
- wrong
These are all we saw on a nature trek, we were promised pink dolphins and the man said there was a tiger, but i saw more wildlife in the toilet.

 Sand worms making brains and starfish shapes
 This is not a starfish, this is an impression of a starfish by a worm artist.
I think it is trying to tell us something about starfish, but im not sure what
 Worm crop circles
 The crabs making their homes, like little sand ball fireworks

 Glittery sea
 i liked the painting on this box seat.

 This man has made the best raft with oar holders, respect, i like his design & hope to make a similar raft one day

 Ninja cockroach in bathroom that wouldn't let me brush my teeth, my mate was still out so i had to wait in the night with the light on

 2 cats in a hammock

 Drumstick lolly style sunburn
Stupid ginger, reading and sleeping in the sun, i finally finished all the currently published game of thrones though,

 Loads of rubbish, the people who lived there just threw it right outside their door, it was happening near every house. Properly annoyed me.
I say, get some bins or make a pile

 I want this dog, it is so happy.

 Where's the wildlife?

Here it is

More rubbish - above

 Nice graffiti

 The hot market
 Mangroves with bottle lids
 Cambodian heart leaves
note the rubbish in the background.