Tuesday, 11 February 2014

game of thrones party

 winterfell - one cardboard box, a bit of cutting , paint and pen, 2  hours, bang


 dead ned heads and krispy kremes

 winterfell by day,


draw on joffrey

 sarah's delicious vegan carrot cakes, they taste like they have butter, and the decoration really made me happy

ive not put any pictures of people, there were a  lot of towels and bin bags for capes and gowns.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

photographs for mum and dad

Photographs for my mum and dad:

happy Chinese new year,we celebrate three new years,

 first ever back packer hostel for me , was alright, they had these robot electrical boxes , and open mic,with a man playing acoustic guitar,  so my mate's mum, sue and i sang i shot the sheriff and hey jude,

  to phi phi

 rooftop bar in phi phi, the name has banana in it, and it has a spiral staircase,

 beach on phi phi

 beach on phi phi zoomed in

 beach on phi phi zoomed in further. well not nice.

 cat and me on phi phi
never seen a cat on the beach before.
and it wanted crisps.

 leaving phi phi.

 tracey island - railey
 waiting with suitcases, so took this picture, just before i found out the only thing left on railey was a tent.
the zip was broken, it had bunk beds inside, i was on the bottom, and we had seen a snake just before,
slept well that night.

 railey beach, the water was blue.


 man building a boat at night, whilst rap music played. 

 man singing, christmas decorations still up, balloons on the ceiling  and mai thia ref, the fight got too fast for photographs.
snake that fell from a tree just near my head, i really would have panicked.

 engine on long tail boat, and big dinosaur- time type rock.

 tried to snorkel, but literally couldn't do it without getting sea water in my mouth, and didn't like that

 chicken island.
everything  looked like jurassic park.

 fish in the properly blue water.

 just before one of these lovely fish bite my finger and drew blood.

 check out the adverts of absolute exoticness .
and im actually there,

 cave of willys.

 massive rocks just hanging, well old and just hanging.

 view from Railay Viewpoint Resort

horse riding on the beach, my friend was supposed to come with me, but she got sick, so it was just me and a thai cowboy, who spoke no english and basically left me,
it was good, but, 
 i got attacked by a flying big insect that clung to my ankle, where i couldn;t reach it, though i could see my blood dripping from my ankle, i reckon it was about the size of a pound coin,it was so big and wouldn't let go, i could feel it biting me, i thought i was gonna die that night from a dangerous insect bite , i had to half scream  ( i didn't want to shout too loud and annoy my horse) for the man who galloped back to me eventually and smashed the bug to pieces all on my ankle, then he galloped off again.
the horse had it in for me, he kept walking deliberately too close to things, like boats, trees and walls, so that i would scrap my head and  arm on them, i think the horse was too small for me too.
at one point the horse got entangled in an anchor rope and was doing an angry neigh sound, so i was thankful of my cheap moped helmet , the cowboy got angry at me, because of the rope incident and then he went further away,but he did come back later and try to talk to me, when he noticed my really good eagle belt.
we also went close to roads that pissed the horse off and i think the horse didn't like me.

 this is how far away the cowboy is, you can't even see him,

flying home

also mum, i cleaned out a cat litter tray for the first time, look how impressed my cat is.