Sunday, 31 January 2016

Super sloth moss and Reverso mike hum



In a place where time does not matter, long before batman and robin, Rorschach and nite owl, reigns superdude moss and his sidekick Reverso mike hum tackling bad vibes and sadness ( infecting the world with happiness)

I found out I had a fan the other day, and their favourite animal is a sloth, I like sloths too, in my top 10, so I drew my fan a Sunday night cardboard picture: )


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Madonna party invite

Madonna is coming to Bangkok, but all the tickets sold out to all people with special credit cards before they even went on sale, so we are having a Madonna night, that's gonna be even better,

This is the invite I made: )


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Work things


This term we learnt chickens are related to dinosaurs, lamps are not lambs, pigs can swim and some can skateboard,

Had to make a pro case using bits and bobs including dressing gown belt

Pirate ship for school play made out of a cardboard box and forgotten certificate sails

Made this banner- it's a Singaporian school so the lion is a big thing and in the school logo, I did the tracksuit lion ages ago for the pe department so just boshed it up quite quick, hence the look it achieves

be like the lion, which of course would rule on sports day you'd think, King of the jungle, but without aposable thumbs, the lion would be rubbish at the egg and spoon race , so maybe don't be like the lion, I also bet a lion would eat an egg if you gave him one and get tangled up in a hula hoop,

Also it's been super cold in Thailand, two jackets on

Found this on my desk at home in England at Christmas, dunno when I did it, but I like

I reckon it was toilet issues that killed the dinosaurs, especially if they drank the water in some places

I'm confused about fish


Manta rays




Thursday, 21 January 2016

Misc things from before and now

Animal facts reading




Pica and mouse


Road kill Frog skin drum by lek
Failed moss graffiti
John helps everyone


Illustrating stories by 10 year olds in my school




Money army

Daytime stalls for all the amenities



Alarm clock chest mouse



Teachers day

In Thailand they have a special day for teachers, flowers are given to show thanks and respect. I got loads to the point where I couldn't carry flowers, I never thought in my life there would be a time where I could not manage to carry flowers,





Last night I went to a reggae night in a small Japanese bar, the lights were so cool



They also had a cheese grater light outside,