Monday, 28 October 2013

ymca prawns

just bished this out in 15 minutes, canvas of giant prawns doing the ymca, woo

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mr skeleton

A few pages from my book Mr skeleton, they are not in order, and not all here, so don't copy write me please, thanks : )

indian restaurant carrot birds, gold jacket and floating market

 indian restaurant carrot birds

 gold jacket for the wobos

 poodle dog hair is not that ginger though, camera error.

 pictures taken from the boat at the floating market, then my battery went, so missed all the good stuff.

 a real life ostrich at a temple, there was also a camel, goats, about 59 statues of men fighting, horses with punk hair cuts, a tree covered temple, pictures where you put your head through of men killing each other and magnums,
I bought this grass head 3 days ago, check out the growth, i dont think i or anyone else has ever been this successful with a grasshead before, well good.

sri lankan tea, turtles and animals

 old school tea machine, like wallace and gromit.

 allegedly the world's oldest tea.

 snake charming.

 This is tea.

 rango esque lizard. 

 1 day old turtle flying.

 really beautiful shells

 the disabled turtle pool, one was blind and he kept swimming into the wall.

 minotaur in the mangroves

 I think this could be a kingfisher or a woodpecker,although i am hopeless with bird names,so might be wrong, I know robins, because you get them on christmas cards, and eagles because they are the best.

 massive squirrel that liked bananas.

 fish that ate yer feet, in the middle of a river.

 baby crocodile, they put it on yer head, and made it open its mouth like it was having a whale of a time, but dont reckon it was, because it had a lead round its neck and  no one wants that. 

 saggy neck

 almost see through crab

 frog on the balcony- it looks happy.

 crab building its home.

crows everywhere like game of thrones.

sri lanka

 a goofy statue in sri lanka, i may be being offensive here but it does have massive teeth

 tuk tuks, well better then thailand;s tuk ttks, they have a feel of bugsy malone about them, and when they go around corners its like an italian job done on a budget

 view from the tuk tuk, it looked good in colour, but it looks well better in black and white, 

 greeted at the sri lancashire guesthouse, well sound place, got a coconut that looked like a mouse as well

 turtle towel

 nice map of sri lanka


 the cricket at night after loads of hotdogs and lion 

 Somewhere in this temple is budda's tooth,they stole it from his ashes and then the greeks stole it from them, but apparently the greeks only stole a fake one, everyone should just stop stealing teeth, err, i mean what about karma 

 The view from the bottom of a tree.

 This is chocolate. in a place where they apparently try to rip you off with their spice and tree knowledge.

 Mega rock

 View from mega rock.

 lovely writing.

The roof on cinnamon island

 A real pineapple growing.

 down the bottom of a rubbish mine shaft, that i got groped all the way down by the man making sure i dint die.
 well good roots at the fort.