art 2

love through your ear, music.

i got beef in my lung one day and i thought i was going to die, with it rushing through my veins and exploding in my heart, but i woke up the next day and was fine.

rats wee on my shame, showing it for what it is.(educational picture, includes aspects of the water cycle)

the moths know your lies, so just be honest and nice.

trying to be a proper artist.

my dad and a rainbow trout he caught one time, it tasted so bland.

my brother in the stlye of bender from futurama,  in the style of napoleon

a bird disco and a buffet of colours, warning: this picture will look rubbish in the dark.

a tuna mayonnaise sandwich . no cows

the super elements; earth in the plug and plant pot, wind blowing the chairs and balloon, fire in the sun, water in the drops, and music coming out the egg.