my paintings.

i do them all by right hand, and my brain controls it., you'll notice i can't actually draw. it's all just a bit of imagination and colour. i learnt how to paint whilst watching the sopranos.

a nervous squirrel tea party. something inappropriate has been said.

say no to obesity. say yes to the bee city.

dj surgeon.

i am a rubbish super hero. i want to be a good one.

i feel quite lonely. not like a cowboy. just lonely- sad

daytime tv junkies- the painting

the man who super glued a crab to his face, also glued his hands.

the wind no longer hurts my teeth

the puppeteers of society

kung fu chess board- the painting

use words, not violence, unless you've got a zombie on you case, then anything goes. chop heads off and mess them up.