walls and extra

a keyboard of life and a jar of love on my wall.

me aged 4 and my mate sitting on the simpson settee in front of previous wall

the view from my chair

the  stairs up to my loft where i reside like a Victorian mutant

an inverted picture of an ornament i have of a skeleton at a desk.

the first canvas i ever did. i did it for my friend. it is the size of a door on its side. i used pens for blind people that smell, so the orange bits smell orange and the yellow lemon. it has faded slightly now but it is still going strong 6 years later, so hi5 to the felt tip usage.

an xbox cover that i painted for my brother. it a jazz man zombie.

the back of my door the wrong way round.

a picture of headphones right up close, and inverted to make an alien robot.i did this on a really old phone