Thursday, 24 May 2012

 bangkok from my balcony. woo

 went to a crocodile farm, apparently last year when it flooded, loads escaped and were killing people, people were adviced to carry a stick and if they were to see one to just bash it on the head.

 big massive crocodiles, that were so jurassic looking.

 this was really cruel but cool, and in someways you wanted to see his head come off, cos they were right winding that croc up and goading him on, 

 check out the skills, total crocodile whisperer

feeding the crocodiles with a stick with meat on the en
break dancing elephant

 bowling elephant

 tight rope walking elephant

 money grabbing elephant

 me next to an elephant

 me on an elephant

elephant standing on two wooden boxes, with me running under, i did not want an elephant on my head
 very blurry picture of me and a street thai baby, the baby was so talcum powdered up its mum just handed it to me

 the nicest mageritas ever, this place make them really limey, i dont even like mageritas normally, so much so that i dont even know how to spell it,but this place do them really nice,

 another thai child

 one of my birthday cakes in this pool bar,where cochroaches run freely and they get you drunk on a red drink

 3 bunches of roses bought for me

 a bannana split

 a cat in a bar

 A cricket made out of leaves, a homeless man sold it me for 20p, i thought it was so cool, it now acts as a scarecrow on our balacony to stop the birds from pooing.

 me in front of the bridge 

 river kwai bridge, which had this rainbow train that ran along it, spoiling the moment and spitting on the history

 thai menu, this is how i get away with teaching english in thailand

 the view from the cabin i stayed in near the river kwai

 the bridge, personally i think england has got some better bridges

 on a boat on the river in the rain

 2 really cool insects, reckon the big one is after the small one for it's tea

 a butterfly, really quite big actually

some war thing they got near the bridge, they had all this writing on the wall about it, but you couldn't read past half way down, cos all mopeds were parked in the way