Dolphins in a nice bit of sea in Bulgaria, which surprised me because near to where we were staying at the beach, the sea had littered plastic cutlery and fag ends bobbing up against my feet. i was disgusted, got out and refused to continue paddling. people all around me were oblivious as they ate their chips, smoked and swam. it confused me, no one seemed bothered. they were all happy and laughing, but it was not funny.

 A massive cricket type insect in the toilet at Bulgaria airport. the toilet reminded me of a chamber in the film 'saw', in a basement with lots of  long tiled corridors and a dirty mop in the corner with buzzing strip lights.

A macho pink cocktail stirrer.

They have seats in Manchester Airport that are double the size of regular seating, clearly for the obese population. This is not helping the situation. People should strive to fit into normal seats, not be made comfortable with their self imposed weaknesses.