Tuesday, 12 August 2014


piece of cardboard from lamp box, two of my cats attacking that cheerleader. and pissing on her.

doodle on more lamp box.

lazy tiger


my life of the last few months in a briefcase.
(there's also stuff beyond months)
horse ride with an indiscriptive bug bite, blood.
hippie robin with corned beef on it back,
turtle playing table tennis, ping pong eggs,
sunglasses at the dnetist,
eagle belt and fish bite on finger, more blood.
tea, tv. head.
ancient Egypt.
cakes, stars and bubbles.
balloons, bees and apples.
settee, mouse and canopic jars
double - sided photocopying.
pens and music.
my friend says i should eat organic.

phonic english wood animals.

picture for chan


Mouse cat

 loads of pictures of the baby cat
he has a slight bozz eye

 cat town

massive settee

 Samsy and Sadie

today i am putting loads of pictures on

fake surfing,  whiplash for a week,

ancient Egypt project and 3 creative writing stories from my
p1 classes.
- mike on the moon, the battle, the flying dog and the magic cow.

school paper time table

Bangkok dinosaur museum

 game of thrones invitation

 Thai Batman

 either side of my bedroom door

big banner for school
the only pictures from vietnam that survived my camera card corrupting, :