Friday, 14 December 2012

art and water festival

 first canvas done in bangkok, about my time in pai, being bitten by mosquitoes, elephant and raft rides, no second pillow and dodgy toilet situations.

 second canvas done in bangkok about underwater sea life taken from blue planet and such documentaries, 

 canvas done for my firiend amy, called inquisitive snail.

 bread turtle with flowers and incense to be released in the water for the festival to get rid off my sins

 me, perry and my turtle.

 flower floats on a stall for the festival

My turtle being released, i added a sparkler 

december on thai island

 Just been to my first proper thai island, went mopeding, kayaking, bonfires on the beach, got a bamboo tattoo, danced till the sun rised, went in the sea at night and celebrated my firends birthday, but didn't get any photos because forgot to take my camera out and it was really sandy or wet, but i did get a few views.
this is a picture of sun rise on the boat across to the island, koh chang

 view from my bungalow

 the island

 view from my bungalow part 2

 where my friends stayed, 

sun set on boat back to the mainland

crossbow, monkey town and japanese robot restaurant


 road in monkey town, scary
 a monkey that attacked me for my sweetcorn

 the temple taken over by monkeys


 more monkeys

 monkey statue at monkey town station

 japanese robot restaurant, had my first bit of salmon and sushi here, quite nice

robot danced and served you the food, was rubbish if you looked down though, because you could see his track

new tattoos

 heart and lego piece done on Koh Chang island

flower, music notes and the thai word for 'cool' done in Pai coming off of my plug socket

chang mai and pai

 Walk to water falls near rice paddy

 me and some thai jungle kids, sold me a bracelet for 10p

 rice paddy from above

baby elephant attached to the big elephant i was on

temple in pai

 Graffiti in pai

 monkey bike in shop in pai

 thai Jack sparrow

mangoes look like potatoes

 bridge in pai

lovely cat in pai