Sunday, 28 September 2014

cardboard box pictures

we see the same moon

 mutant vegetables

 an alien, a robot and the superhero,  oculus blast

 an xray of a seagull, plastic straw seagull

killing the cheerleader with two cats

 the best lamp with the best cardboard box shapes.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

pictures, class books and some bali

deadman film with johny depp, did this for a friend, never seen it, but gonna watch it soon, looks good



did these two pictures for my mate, elizabeth taylor and princess diana, probably wouldnt have drawn them otherwise

 point break

tony soprano - should be better

im doing a picture a day for my students, so whatever they want ill try and draw it

 ran out of space for the tail

all my students were annoying me for minecraft, so did this, but apparently the colours are wrong

Class books
the magic cow and the flying dog
 just a few pages

The Battle

Mike the monkey stuck on the moon

 time machine

perry and liam - 2 boys playing on the moon

 lorens canvas

flying to bali

 best toilet door
 ronaldo now

 chandelier and lizard

 temple sarong, and nice ceilings

 nice trees
coffee animal in horrible home,

 volcano, coffee- my first time to drink, horrible, made me talk alot and then i got a headache and fell alseep in the car, 

 well nice lamps and eagles,